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MySlice is a free, open-source tool that helps users manage their testbed resources, from experiment setup through runtime, and retrospectively examine data once the experiment is complete. It is particularity focused on making the measurable characteristics of testbed resources available to users. This interface is currently used by all users of PlanetLab Europe and soon by all PlanetLab users worldwide. FIT will benefit from the work done and continue developing and advancing MySlice at the resource brokering tool for FIT.

NEPI, the Network Experimentation Programming Interface , is a life-cycle management tool developed by INRIA for network experiments. The idea behind NEPI is to provide a single tool to design, deploy, and control network experiments, and gather the experiment results. Going further, NEPI was specially conceived to function with arbitrary experimentation platforms, so researchers could use a single tool to work with network simulators, emulators, or physical testbeds, or event a mixture of them. NEPI supports conducting hybrid-experiments, by deploying overlay topologies across many testbeds and communicating them through special tunneling components. To accomplish this, NEPI provides a high-level interface to describe experiments, that is independent from any experimentation platform, but is able to capture platform specific configurations. Experiment definitions can be stored in XML format to be later reproduced, and modified according to experimentation needs. Experiment execution is orchestrated by a global experiment controller, that is platform independent, and different platform-dependent testbed controllers, creating a control hierarchy that is able to adapt to platform specific requirements while providing an integrated control scheme.

The TopHat project , initiated by UPMC during the OneLab project, aims at developing platforms and tools to actively probe the Internet topology, and serve live and historic measurements to the community. Data is made available through this interface as well as an XMLRPC API.
TopHat relies on  TDMI (TopHat Dedicated Measurement Infrastructure) , which is currently deployed on more than 400 nodes on the PlanetLab testbed, and periodically makes snapshots of the overlay topology. It complements its own measurements with data originating from several  interconnected platforms .