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Public deliverables

D1.1 Federation: architecture and economics (Lead partner: UPMC)
D1.2 Federation: implementation report (Lead partner: INRIA)
D1.3 Federation: final report (Lead partner: INRIA)
D2.1 Controlling PlanetLab Europe experiments through the OMF Experiment Controller (Lead partner: INRIA Plan├Ęte)
D2.2 Conducting measurements in SensLAB using Slice Browser (Lead partner: UPMC)
D2.3 Conducting cross-layered measurement and monitoring (Lead partner: INRIA D-NET)
D3.1 SensLAB new architecture description, configuration and set up (Lead partner: INRIA D-NET)
D3.2 Reserving resources and conducting measurements in SensLAB using Slice Browser (Lead partner: UPMC)
D3.3 IP transparency (Lead partner: INRIA POPS)
D4.1 Implementation design of federation concept in LTE (Lead partner: Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)
D4.2 Federable LTE eNB applied to M2M (Lead partner: Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs)
D5.1: Use case specification (Lead partner: Thales Communications)
D5.2: Use Case development (Lead partner: Thales Communications)
D5.3: Testing and results analysis (Lead partner: Thales Communications)
D5.4: Promotion kit (Lead partner: UPMC)
D5.5 Initial dissemination plan (Lead partner: UPMC)
D5.6 Intermediate dissemination plan (Lead partner: UPMC)
D5.7 Final dissemination plan (Lead partner: UPMC)
D6.1 Consortium agreement (Lead partner: UPMC)
D6.2 Year 1 annual report (UPMC)
D6.3 Year 2 annual report (Lead partner: UPMC)
D6.4 Year 3 final report (Lead partner: UPMC)